December 2008

I have always been in love with December. Of Course! Who wouldn’t? It is simply because this is the month of my birth and Christmas, and New Year and many celebration during this month. I would never missed any of those celebration. Somehow & someway, my December this year is a bit heavy, I would say. Despite all those hectic moments, busy of Year End Closing, many friends’ birthdays and weddings, I fall in love.

Yep! I fall in love! L.O.V.E

To whom? If you’re reading this, what cross your mind might be “Who’s the man?”

Well, my friend, I am falling in love to special person who has special life and life has been very much treating them special too. Well, I am in love with these many orphans in Pondok Damai. Yup! And btw, they all are girls. I am very much in love with them.

Last Saturday, I joined a Christmas Celebration there, and somehow, I missed those girls already today. Why? I don’t know. But I know I love them and I care for them. If you can explain this feeling, then help me! I can’t! The first time I came there, I feel sorry for them. Living in such a very simple house, which is stuffed by so many children aged 3-17 years old. It was one hell of a house! Not too big, nothing fancy, but all seems enough to protect them. Oh, and I love the Guess Room (where the Sister accept her guests)! I could fall asleep easily there and feel so DAMAI! ( as the name of the Orphanage : Pondok Damai).

I admire these people who live there. I admire their energy, their laughter, their spirit, their warm welcome, their love and attention to hardly known people like me, and for their honesty. They came from different background, different story of life. Yet they don’t just mourning their circumstances, but they fight and living their life to the best. They still keep on laughing, enjoying every moments of their life, and yet not afraid of their future! Unbelievable! I truly admire them. I don’t think I will managed to be like any of them, not even close! I might have committed suicide! J/K!!!

I listened to some of their stories, but not all of course, yet amazingly, it is very much complicated than MY Life! (in which I thought my life is complicated enough!). Thanking them that I can see how lucky my life has been. I still have my parents, brother & sister, friends, still be able to work (this is one thing I complaint a lot about), still be able to go to the movies, to take taxi, to sleep more than 8 hours a day, to hang out and to spend money for my own splurge. How about them? In their youth, they have to share many and learn a lot. Even they have to grow a lot faster then any of us. So, friend, maybe you don’t realize it now yet, but trust me! We are far much lucky than what we thought! L.O.V.E your life! Live in the Moments! And one more thing : BE WHO YOU TRULLY ARE!!