Curly Hair

So, Here I am, in a cafe in KLCC KL, Malaysia waiting my next flight which will bring me home. I've been sitting here since 6.30am and just now I saw a blonde lady sitting 2 desks way from me. What interest me is that she has curly hair, the curly type I've always wanted until today.

I don't know why, but Curly Hair has interest me much, please read this in positive way. I Think this is because I really want to have such hair without looking weird. Honestly, I have tried to curl several times. The first time was during my college years, I curled my whole hair from the root into the end of it.  I really liked it, my hair looked so big and many, unlike my normal hair which is thin and straight. At that time, I didn't have to wash my hair daily and also i don't really need to comb my hair too often. Hahahahahaha...yeap, It's true! I grew it for quite sometime and then cut it short afterwards, cause it got so dry. The interesting part  was that after I had my real normal hair, some of my close friends felt relieved. They said I looked better with my real hair...:D

Then, the 2nd time I curled my hair was sometimes in 2012, I recall. :) That was an impulsive decision too. I remembered on the 1st of Jan,2012 I went to a salon in my friends' apartment. She did some hair creambath, and I curled my hair. Not the whole hair like I did previously though. It didn't last long though, since I immediately cut it short. 

Well, it still interests me to curl up my hair again someday. I love to experiment with my hair. Grow it long, then suddenly cut it super short, curl it up, color it with some 'acceptable' color and most of the time my fave hair cut is the middle length one, still look hip, young and modern but still lady like.

 Gosh, what language was that! One more thing, Since 2009 I have 1 trusted person who always cut my hair, he is good! He always knows what I want and what looks good on me, and with him, it wasn't time consuming. The only thing I sometimes hate from him is that every time I asked him to curl my hair, he always refused it. He said I will look like encim-encim (middle-aged auntie). Damn! (Forgive my language, but He is right) :)