Sum of Year 2012

Friday afternoon, nearly the end of the year, here I am sitting alone in my parents’ house. The thunder is actually growling out there and the sky is dark, somehow I am not afraid but very much excited. I know, I love rain very much, no matter what. J

In just about 4 days we will be in 2013. Amazing! I just felt like “Oh Dear, seemed like I just set my targets few months back!”  Yeah, that is exactly how most people would feel. Feel like haven’t done many things through-out the years, not accomplishing enough what were targeted, many plans weren’t exactly executed, etc.  If you ask me, I would say, I have accomplished 90%of my 2012 targets. Oh WOW! Yeah, I didn’t realize it until I opened my file this noon. I guess, I am quite proud of myself for this year! J *patting myself! Yeay…

Now, so many things happened during 2012, the good things and bad things, happy moments and sad moments, having new friends and losing friends, new born babies and losing my loved one forever,  parties and funeral, receiving goods and losing goods, giving and taking, emotional moments and etc., those events will not be enough to be written here. They made me who I am today. They helped me to grow, to mold me into (hopefully) a better person. The biggest lesson I learned in 2012 is to forgive. I learn to forgive those who have hurt me, and also moreover, I learn to forgive myself.  The latter is the hardest for me, but hey, I learn, step by step though.

Sum of the year 2012? I am proud of myself for accomplishing many things, whether planned or unplanned, and now I know, when we focus our mind and heart to what we dreamed of, we really can accomplish it. Prove it yourself! J

So, what’s next?! I know my next steps and targets, how about you? Let’s make our dreams come true.

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Hey Kamu Disana

Hey kamu disana...
Berapa lama lagikah kuharus menunggu?
Tak inginkah kau membebaskanku?
Membebaskan aku dari sepi,
Sepi di hati.

Hey kamu disana..
Berapa lama lagikah kuharus menunggu?
Datanglah segera, lama sudah kunanti dirimu
Dekap aku dalam pelukanmu
Hangatkan jiwaku

Hey kamu disana..
Dengarlah jeritan hatiku,
Merindukan indahnya dunia
Ah, kekasih, datanglah segera

Bawalah senyum indahmu
Kunci hatiku...

~tulisan ini terinspirasi oleh foto seorang kenalan..