As the end of the year 2010 is approaching soon, few days ago, I watched this commercial and really like it.

So, this is my new spirit of living, and to welcome the year 2011.

I want to live my life to the absolute fullest.
To open my eyes to be all I can be.
To travel roads not taken, to meet faces unknown.
To feel the wind, to touch the stars.
I promise to discover myself.
To stand tall with greatness.
To chase down and catch every dream.

The Wonder of Christmas

Hmmm….let me sing..”so this is Christmas…” , ow, I love Christmas because that means I am having my year end holiday. Hehehehe..yeap, since last year, I finally have the so-called-christmas and year end holiday. I have to thanked God for this privilege. Well, this year Christmas isn’t different from any other Christmas day of the previous years. Err, then again, I think it’s kind of different, since for the first time, I bought cookies for Christmas, and some of my friends gave me some cookies. Hehehehehehe…and the best is I get chocolate cake!! Yummy..super super amazing and really love it!!!

awfully chocolate

I went home for Christmas…and the first sentence my dad told me was “Hello, finally you remember to go home, eh?” ..geese, what a straight forward one. He must be missing me so much! I had my Xmas mass in the church nearby, which is located in my junior high school area. I met many of my teachers there, and usual the most famous question was asked repeatedly : “When will you get married?” Gosh! What’s up with getting married, huh? Anyway, I liked and enjoyed the mass that night. The wonder of Christmas to me was that my dad drove me to the church, which I think he had never done that before. Thank you, Lord!

…so…MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody….May the Joy, Love and Peace of Christmas be with you…..always…

My best friends’ wedding day : 18 December 2010

Last weekend, my best friends’ had their wedding day. The ceremony in the church was beautiful and the reception was also wonderful. It was my pleasure to be part of their important moment of their lives. I almost dropped my tears when the groom said his vow. Here I share some pictures.

The Groom & The Bride

The Best Men & The Bride's Maids
The Bride & The Best Men
The Bride & The Bride's Maids

Well..Well..a new chapter of their life and my prayer for them...may them live happily ever after and always loving each other until the end. Amen.

One of The Happiest Day in 2010

On 11 December 2010, I had my birthday. I turned to 28 years old. Well, don’t worry, it’s perfectly fine for me to mention my age. I am happy being me anyway, nothing to be sad about of being 28-years single lady at all. This year, I managed to have an enjoyable celebration with some of my girl friends. I was really happy that day.
It wasn’t a very merry or such a very extravagant celebration. It was just a sweet and happy day. We decided to go to Bandung, one of our favorite city. Oh, before I forget, the “we” here is me, Christine Hawono, Natalia Komalasari and Vera Riesanti. We usually have a weekend getaway once a month, and since we didn’t managed to do so in November, then We went out of town on my day.

Let’s start the journey then, I’ll try to make it brief though.

On Friday night, they picked me up in my office. I had to ‘run away’ immediately from the office, before something came up in the last minutes. Hop in to the car and so off we go! Well..well…Jakarta is as usual, traffic jam everywhere! So that night, we were kind of struggling to pass the jam so that we could go to toll-road. Lucky, it was not that bad at all. We went from Jakarta around 7 pm and arrived in Bandung around 9 pm. Quite fast! Thank you, Dear God!  

So, first stop is definitely to have proper DINNER. We stopped to Nasi Kalong, in Jalan Riau. It was my first time, and the food was delicious. I like the Ayam Madu, plus they play jazz songs. I wished it wasn’t raining that night so we could stay a bit longer there. Belly was happy, next destination was to find a cozy café to sit and chit chatting. So, we decided to go to Cloud 9 in Dago Atas. Yet, when we arrived there it wasn’t much of called comfortable, since the music is absurd and hurting our ears, then we decided to move to another café nearby, The Valley, but it was closed already. So, we changed our direction and went to Ciumbuleuit, our lovely and memorable street, first stop should be Cabe Rawit, but, we didn’t see it and the parking lot was full, so we went to Gemboel, next to Jalan Menjangan. Gemboel is a warteg, they sell instant noodles, toasted bread ( I doubt they toast it, hehehe), orange juice, nasi kuning and others. This is another memorable place for the 3 of us (Cik Vera went to collage in Surabaya). We ordered Indomie, Es Jeruk (padahal baru klar makan malem ya! parah). It was quite busy night there, many students were still there. And what was amazing,I had the changing of day there, these girls sing Happy Birthday to me there. Kind of sweet!

We stayed in Novotel Bandung, and we were kind of disappointed since it felt not like a 4 star hotel. The accommodation and the service was so lame. Anyway, so, the next day, we went to Mie Rica, again, those girls, sang happy birthday to me there. Don’t u just love them. Next destination is PT Rasa for a delicious Coconut Royale ice cream. Apparently the place was quite near then, we directly ate those delicious ice cream. Yummy…Yummy…Oh yeah, these girls again sang the birthday song for me here. :)

Next Destination, Karmel. Yeap, to say my prayer for a wonderful life until this day. I love visiting this place and I can stay there for hours. What a peaceful place, which is rather hard to find in Jakarta. Then, we decided to go to La Oma to have our leisure time and lunch of course! (we are crazy! We just had noodle at 11am and at 1 pm we were about to have our lunch!! Goshhhh!!). We sat in one of the Gazebo, had a very good light chit chat and we postponed our lunch of course. Ono and I decided to have a massage. We had the massage in our gazebo. It was a very wonderful experience. I fell asleep while the lady massage me ^_^. Oh, these ladies bought me another cake and again, they sang the birthday song again. J We went home like around 5pm in the afternoon, it was one rare pleasure to have this moments with them. Actually it was quite windy and somehow, all of us fell asleep during the massage time. Feels like home I guess!

The day shall not end here, again, since none of us wanted to go for shopping, we choose to go to The Valley for dinner. Hehehehe…EATING AGAIN?? Yeap. We are ‘beautiful monsters”. Anyway, we didn’t have heavy dinner since our stomach was ready to blow up. Too much food will kill you!! We just had some soups and cocktails. And, Again, these ladies bought me another cake, err, 2 cakes!! The first time, the waitress brought a strawberry cheese cake, which is my fave cake, with a candle on it, these ladies again for the x-times, sang the song for me. I was surprised enough, then not long afterward, the waitress came again with another cake,Lemon pie cake, and yeah..they sang again the song for me. I was confused and more surprised. These ladies actually tried to make the entire guests sang the song together, but somehow those people were confused and instead of singing along, they only stare at us. THANK YOU FOR THE EFFORT GIRLS!! J and so, the day in Bandung ended beautifully.

I did enjoy my day, not really an extraordinary celebration, but I did enjoy spending a very sweet and memorable day with my inner circle, best friends, to have laughters and stories together. One sweet day to remember in my life.

I thank God for this beautiful day and His blessings.

Menulis adalah Terapi

Setelah sekian lama absen dari dunia tulis menulis, saya belakangan ini mencoba kembali menekuni hobi yang agak terabaikan itu. Menariknya, sepanjang tahun ini saya mencoba menulis puisi-puisi, tapi apa dikata, tampaknya, saya bukan orang yang bisa menulis puisi dengan baik, dengan aturan rima-nya dan kawan-kawannya atau merangkai kata dengan indah dengan kata-kata implisit. Yah, tak mengapa. Setiap orang punya talentanya masing-masing.

Menulis itu adalah terapi buat saya. Menuliskan berbagai-bagai rupa hal, mulai dari kejadian kejadian kecil dalam hidup, rutinitas yang terjadi sehari-hari, ungkapan rasa isi hati yang terdalam, dan berbagai ragam hal lainnya yang bisa ditulis, memberikan kenikmatan sendiri bagi diri saya. Melegakan sekaligus menentramkan jiwa.

Entah sejak kapan saya menyukai menulis, mungkin juga karena saya menyukai membaca, tetapi yang pasti, menulis sungguh menyenangkan dan memberikan kenikmatan sendiri, selama prosesnya, maupun nanti setelah selesai dan membacanya kembali. Pernah sekali waktu, saya membaca tulisan saya sendiri mengenai sebuah topik tertentu, dan saat itu saya terheran-heran sendiri; koq bisa yah saya mikir sampai begitu.

Di jaman serba modern ini, berbagai teknologi semakin mempermudah untuk membantu setiap saat menuangkan isi pikiran dan ide, ya, saya juga senang akan kemudahan ini, tetapi, bagi saya menulis di atas kertas, memegang pena, menggoreskan tinta adalah sebuah sensasi sendiri. Sebuah keindahan yang tak bisa digantikan dengan sekedar memencet tuts keyboard. Jadi, ketika hari hampir selesai, duduk di kamar, sendirian bersama journal saya adalah sebuah waktu istimewa yang saya usahakan terjadi setiap hari, meskipun hanya beberapa menit. Itulah waktu saya sendiri yang tak bisa dicuri oleh siapapun juga.

Jadi, saya akan terus menulis, bukan demi pujian oleh orang yang membaca, bukan karena ingin diapresiasi oleh orang lain, bukan karena menulis blog atau mempublikasikan tulisan melalui media internet sekarang sedang marak, tapi semata-mata karena menulis adalah terapi dan juga cara saya mengekspresikan diri.

Mari teruslah mengekspresikan diri!

progressing in new page

I have been several days trying to edit and redesign my blog. Gosh…since I’m not really good in technology, I couldn’t manage to find a better appearance. I like the previous setting which is almost like what you see now, but somehow, I delete that and now I kind of forget how it looked like. Oh man, I got to upgrade my memory and my ability in technology. Oh well, so at the moment is not the fixed page you will see. I still had several features which I want to add into this page.
We’ll see later. I hope I managed to spare extra time exploring these, and make a better page and make it permanent. So…explore explore...

Oh..i just love exploring things…

When Sammy and I are best friends

Sammy is the name of my notebook. Oh Dear, don’t be confused, some people are weird, naming their belonging , guess that includes me! :) 
Anyhow, He has been with me for like almost a year but somehow, I haven’t been a very good friend with him. Yeah, I kind of neglect him often. 
So, since the beginning of November, somehow I have so many ideas, thoughts, and many more, and that makes me closer to Sammy now.

So, when Sammy and I are best friends,
 I produce so many writings.

Hmmm….I am happy to have my Sammy as my best companion. 

Angels Among Us

There are things in life
That will make you cry,
And it's time like these 
When you barely get by.

There are people in life 
Who will make it hard,
There are times when you'll feel
Like you're on your guard.

But up in the sky,
The stars shine bright,
Over your sorrows
And all through the night.

Upon those stars,
The angels watch,
And guide us through
Life's toughest parts.

They make us laugh
And dry our tears,
They release our anger
And calm our fears.

There are angels among us
When you're feeling blue,
And when you feel alone,
They come to you.

They pick you up
And hold your hand,
They walk with you,
They understand.

So the sadder you get
And the worst you feel,
Always remember, 
Angels are here.

Life is.

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is bliss, taste it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a promise, fulfill it.
Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
Life is life, fight for it.

-Mother Teresa-

God hears, sees and mend

"God hears every unspoken words, sees every unseen wound, mend every unbearable pain. Have faith and be strong!"

warna yang berbeda

Ketika kubuka hatiku...
Dunia kembali berwarna,
Warna yang berbeda.
Berbeda dari biasanya.

Ketika kubuka hatiku...
Aku lupa...
Hatiku tak terlindungi,
Sakit mampu menyerang.

Akh, kunikmati saja barang sejenak, pikirku..
Tapi..siapalah aku..
Ceritaku bkn aku yang menentukan.
Kutak mampu meminta sesuka diri.

Secepat datangnya cinta,
Seperti pencuri yang mencuri hati.
Secepat itulah luka datang,
Seperti itulah hati terluka dan patah.

Mungkinkah kumenikmati deraan ini..
Seperti kumenikmati rasa yg berbeda itu?
Mungkin, biar kucoba pikirku..

Akh..sungguh berbeda!
Nikmat yang berbeda.
Rasa tak sampai ke hati,
Tawa tak memberi bahagia.
Masih patutkah disebut menikmati?

Ya, jawabku..
Karena tawa beringinan bersama airmata..
Karena meski terlihat kelam dan gelap, hitam masih tetap warna hidupku.
Karena tanpa merasakan ini,kutak mampu mengerti indahnya rasa bersyukur..

Sophie's letter to Claire

taken from the movie : Letters to Juliet (2010) 

"'What' and ‘if’ two words as nonthreatening as words come. 
But put them together side-by-side and 
they have the power to haunt you for the
rest of your life: ‘What if?'..."

"I don't know how your story ended.
But I know that if what you felt then was love - true love - then
it's never too late. If it was true then it why wouldn't it be true
now? You need only the courage to follow your heart..."

"I don't know what a love like that feels like... a love to leave loved
ones for, a love to cross oceans for... but I'd like to believe if I
ever felt it. I'd have the courage to seize it. I hope you had the
courage to seize it, Claire. And if you didn't, I hope one day that you will."

About Friendship

The sadest part in friendship is not when ur friend passed away. It is one unavoidable event which is beyond our control. The sadest part is when u have to let go a dear friend, because u know she is better off without u; because staying means hurting each other. Kind of weird isn't it? Dunno, but sometimes it happens. To me, it is heart-breaking, indeed; but wouldn't it be selfish to keep her by urside while she will be hurt. It may matter at first, but when u know she's happy, u'll be ok. You just can't push friendship.

Friends come and go, but true friends stay. Your true friend will stay in every seasons of ur life. A true friend will come to u directly, and say her worries to u when she sees and feels something's wrong with u. A true friend will tell u to share ur story to some1 u trust, though it is not her, so u can be better. A true friend comes to u and lend her shoulder for u to cry, though she doesn't know any of ur stories. A true friend will be herself to u. A true friend will hold ur hand though u don't share ur stories. A true friend sit by ur side when all u need a companion in silent. A true friend doesn't drain ur emotions just to fulfill her emotional needs. A true friend will question u for a daring action u're going to do, not because she doesn't trust u, but because she worries u,and she won't be there to hug u when u need one. A true friend doesn't need to know every details of her friends' life; but she knows what really matters in ur life. A true friend will not hide from u, no matter what has happened. A true friend let u take ur distance and space when she knows u need it; and when u come back to them, u still find her the same;not changing at all even they will open their arms to welcome u back. A true friend comes to u and gives u hug; and she doesn't need a reason to do so. And so the list continues.....

Sometimes in friendship, we yell each other. We disagree. We have conflicts. We fight each other. We have arguments over little things. We expect our bestfriend to be like what we expect; but apparently they don't do so; we feel disappointment. We feel upset with them. Many times they let us down, but somehow, we end up in hugs and in peace. In friendship, we do have those hurts for sure but somehow, we always have forgiveness, abundant of it, to forgive them, to take their apology and say it doesn't matter, because we do forgive them, and it does really doesn't matter, because our love for them is much more important than their mistakes. We don't change ourselves and we don't leave them, we simply forgive and forget; because the friendship worth much more than our disappointments and conflicts, because we love them.

For whatever is your friendship stories, enjoy the ride, because though it hurts sometimes, it worth living...treasure each of them, though in the end u have to let go ur dear friend! For one can not live alone in this world.


I thank each of u, my friend, whatever is the story we have. Each of u gives color to my life....

To Share

A friend just called me an hour ago. He told me his big decision of his life, that he’s changing his career path. He has talked about this to me last Sunday as an easy talk during our dinner anyway. I was surprised. Seriously surprised. Why? because, I never expected him to told me instantly about his decision. Well, for me it is his life anyway. Somehow I just realized one thing. He wanted to share his life. He is sharing his fear, his anxiety, his big leap, his excitement, and sharing his thoughts, and also sharing his sadness altogether. I smiled. I laugh at myself. I am so flattered, yet so sad at the same time.

I am so happy, he shared his story with me. I am happy because he decided to tell me his story despite the fact that I don’t really share my stories that much. Thank you dear friend!  I am sad, because I just realized, I have not been sharing for quite some time. Not much.

I don’t really involve anybody in my decision making. I have learned to keep my burden, all my sorrow, all by myself. Pretty sad, indeed! I just forget how to share feels like. I used to share during my collage year with my house mates, all of them, no exception, in all aspects of my life. I can’t really remember since when I become so reluctant to socialize, to share my life stories, to share my doubts, to share my sorrow, to share my happiness. I have closed my life, I’ve been so individualistic. Yet, just now, I feel how nice it is to share with a friend. How nice it is to be involved and listen to a friends’ story and how in a way he’s acknowledging my existence in his life. It felt like a wake up call for me.

I should remember this feeling, and start sharing. Sharing my life with my precious people, and involve them in my life. And so I will do so.

Three Things I Fancy as A Woman

The MAKE UP...:)

THE BAG...definitely...:) and....



I thought you were different,


                         but I was wrong.

simply wrong!

inilah aku!

Akh, seandainya aku bisa melihat semua seperti kau melihatnya
Seandainya aku bisa mencinta seperti kau mencinta
Seandainya aku bisa mengerti seperti kau mengerti
Seandainya aku bisa merasa seperti kau merasa
Kuberharap kubisa…
Tapi tak mampu kumengerti seluruhnya

Maaf, kalau aku tak bisa melihatnya
Maaf, kalau aku tak mampu mencinta
Maaf, kalau aku tak mampu tuk mengerti
Kuhanya bisa mencoba..
Mencoba dan belajar tuk memahami

Tapi inilah aku