Risk? Risiko?

Well, after 3 years not writing and surely have no idea of what to write, 
I 'm back. 

There are so many things which had happened in my life, but today I am writing about RISK. Yes, Risk. Risiko in Bahasa Indonesia. In my financial world, there are 2 risks: Systematic Risk and Unsystematic Risk. No, we are not going to talk about Finance, though I would love to. It is, about risk in life. 

Like choices, life comes with so many risks. Every choice we make comes with a different risk. Choice A may come with risk 1, 2, 3, 4, etc else, Choice B may come with risk 1, 3 only, and so there are more variations to it. I don't see any thing that come without any risk to it. Some people call it consequences instead of risks, but yeah, they are still there anyway. One thing for sure, it is there and will always be there, whether we like it or not. What matter is not how to eliminate it, but how to face it. Risk may give good and or bad result.  In my opinion, what will life be if there are no risks at all. It's gonna be dull and boring. 

Most of the time we are afraid to do something, because of the consequences that come with our actions. We have thought about it, even before we do the action. Yes, I still experience the fear to take some decisions too, but honestly, most of the time, the consequences are not that bad. I know, I did take one of the hugest decision last year. Afraid? For sure. Crazy? Maybe. Stressed? A little. Happy? Yes. :)  Did I make the right decision? I don't know, but I knew for sure, that was the thing I wanted. It's the mind that we need to conquer, so that we are strong and brave to take actions which may bring not-so-favorable risks. The heart is actually strong and can take almost anything. 

Risks are unavoidable, we can manage them but not eliminate them. Stay brave! 

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