To Share

A friend just called me an hour ago. He told me his big decision of his life, that he’s changing his career path. He has talked about this to me last Sunday as an easy talk during our dinner anyway. I was surprised. Seriously surprised. Why? because, I never expected him to told me instantly about his decision. Well, for me it is his life anyway. Somehow I just realized one thing. He wanted to share his life. He is sharing his fear, his anxiety, his big leap, his excitement, and sharing his thoughts, and also sharing his sadness altogether. I smiled. I laugh at myself. I am so flattered, yet so sad at the same time.

I am so happy, he shared his story with me. I am happy because he decided to tell me his story despite the fact that I don’t really share my stories that much. Thank you dear friend!  I am sad, because I just realized, I have not been sharing for quite some time. Not much.

I don’t really involve anybody in my decision making. I have learned to keep my burden, all my sorrow, all by myself. Pretty sad, indeed! I just forget how to share feels like. I used to share during my collage year with my house mates, all of them, no exception, in all aspects of my life. I can’t really remember since when I become so reluctant to socialize, to share my life stories, to share my doubts, to share my sorrow, to share my happiness. I have closed my life, I’ve been so individualistic. Yet, just now, I feel how nice it is to share with a friend. How nice it is to be involved and listen to a friends’ story and how in a way he’s acknowledging my existence in his life. It felt like a wake up call for me.

I should remember this feeling, and start sharing. Sharing my life with my precious people, and involve them in my life. And so I will do so.

Three Things I Fancy as A Woman

The MAKE UP...:)

THE BAG...definitely...:) and....



I thought you were different,


                         but I was wrong.

simply wrong!