When Sammy and I are best friends

Sammy is the name of my notebook. Oh Dear, don’t be confused, some people are weird, naming their belonging , guess that includes me! :) 
Anyhow, He has been with me for like almost a year but somehow, I haven’t been a very good friend with him. Yeah, I kind of neglect him often. 
So, since the beginning of November, somehow I have so many ideas, thoughts, and many more, and that makes me closer to Sammy now.

So, when Sammy and I are best friends,
 I produce so many writings.

Hmmm….I am happy to have my Sammy as my best companion. 

Angels Among Us

There are things in life
That will make you cry,
And it's time like these 
When you barely get by.

There are people in life 
Who will make it hard,
There are times when you'll feel
Like you're on your guard.

But up in the sky,
The stars shine bright,
Over your sorrows
And all through the night.

Upon those stars,
The angels watch,
And guide us through
Life's toughest parts.

They make us laugh
And dry our tears,
They release our anger
And calm our fears.

There are angels among us
When you're feeling blue,
And when you feel alone,
They come to you.

They pick you up
And hold your hand,
They walk with you,
They understand.

So the sadder you get
And the worst you feel,
Always remember, 
Angels are here.