one luxury of life

S.L.E.E.P.I.N.G is one of life luxury which I really enjoy.

Yes,if you have sleeping disorder like me, then to have 2 weeks in a row of decent sleeps is one blessing. Really hope this can last forever...


  1. I moved into a bigger room, and a smaller bed!
  2. Now, I have my own table…I am so happy, since I really love writing..(yeap, not typing)
  3. I managed to have early bed everyday in a row for the whole week! It was an amazing thing for me!
  4. I did manage to have quality time with my best friends. Oh, I love having great best friends. We just did simple things but felt so happy doing it together.
  5. I am hunting and shopping for my new room make up. Not yet complete! Need more ideas….
  6. Just found out about a place which sells so many accessories with cheap price….loveee ittt! Thanks to my office colleague, Mba Theresia.
  7. I am starting to write again. J Yes, both, with my pen and with my computer. There are so many ideas.
  8. Finally, I have more time to read and the books are ready!