About Friendship

The sadest part in friendship is not when ur friend passed away. It is one unavoidable event which is beyond our control. The sadest part is when u have to let go a dear friend, because u know she is better off without u; because staying means hurting each other. Kind of weird isn't it? Dunno, but sometimes it happens. To me, it is heart-breaking, indeed; but wouldn't it be selfish to keep her by urside while she will be hurt. It may matter at first, but when u know she's happy, u'll be ok. You just can't push friendship.

Friends come and go, but true friends stay. Your true friend will stay in every seasons of ur life. A true friend will come to u directly, and say her worries to u when she sees and feels something's wrong with u. A true friend will tell u to share ur story to some1 u trust, though it is not her, so u can be better. A true friend comes to u and lend her shoulder for u to cry, though she doesn't know any of ur stories. A true friend will be herself to u. A true friend will hold ur hand though u don't share ur stories. A true friend sit by ur side when all u need a companion in silent. A true friend doesn't drain ur emotions just to fulfill her emotional needs. A true friend will question u for a daring action u're going to do, not because she doesn't trust u, but because she worries u,and she won't be there to hug u when u need one. A true friend doesn't need to know every details of her friends' life; but she knows what really matters in ur life. A true friend will not hide from u, no matter what has happened. A true friend let u take ur distance and space when she knows u need it; and when u come back to them, u still find her the same;not changing at all even they will open their arms to welcome u back. A true friend comes to u and gives u hug; and she doesn't need a reason to do so. And so the list continues.....

Sometimes in friendship, we yell each other. We disagree. We have conflicts. We fight each other. We have arguments over little things. We expect our bestfriend to be like what we expect; but apparently they don't do so; we feel disappointment. We feel upset with them. Many times they let us down, but somehow, we end up in hugs and in peace. In friendship, we do have those hurts for sure but somehow, we always have forgiveness, abundant of it, to forgive them, to take their apology and say it doesn't matter, because we do forgive them, and it does really doesn't matter, because our love for them is much more important than their mistakes. We don't change ourselves and we don't leave them, we simply forgive and forget; because the friendship worth much more than our disappointments and conflicts, because we love them.

For whatever is your friendship stories, enjoy the ride, because though it hurts sometimes, it worth living...treasure each of them, though in the end u have to let go ur dear friend! For one can not live alone in this world.


I thank each of u, my friend, whatever is the story we have. Each of u gives color to my life....