When Sammy and I are best friends

Sammy is the name of my notebook. Oh Dear, don’t be confused, some people are weird, naming their belonging , guess that includes me! :) 
Anyhow, He has been with me for like almost a year but somehow, I haven’t been a very good friend with him. Yeah, I kind of neglect him often. 
So, since the beginning of November, somehow I have so many ideas, thoughts, and many more, and that makes me closer to Sammy now.

So, when Sammy and I are best friends,
 I produce so many writings.

Hmmm….I am happy to have my Sammy as my best companion. 


[eitna!] said...

kasian banget sih sammy ternyata selama ini dicampakkan... ckckck...

Christine said...

bukan dicampakkan..tapi terabaikan...:D