A Day without My Blackberry

Hmm..somehow, I have to admit, I am one of those who is very much attached to my blackberry. Yeah, realize it, just never admit it. Last Monday, I incidentally left my bb at home. Yeah, kind of sloppy me, and I just realized it when I was already in my office’s lift.

Actually my house isn’t that far , at first, I planned to take it on lunch time, but then again I thought it should be okay. And guess was a peaceful day.

Of course I told my boss that I didn’t bring my bb that day, so that he wouldn’t be angry in case he looked for me via BBM. I went home around 10 p.m. and so many messages, missed calls, BBM, Groups Chats, etc. Hahaha..well..well..pretty busy Monday for my Blackberry huh? Anyway, I survived the day, and yes, I would love to do this during my weekend. Going to be a quiet and lovely weekend I believe.

So, don’t worry to detached yourself from any gadgets, like your mobile phone, notebook, cable tv, ipod, mp2 player, ipad, ebook reader and even from the internet! You will survive anyhow and pay more attention to your surrounding which is interesting too.

It’s fun! Totally…! Try it yourself…

Picture is borrowed from here