Year End 2011

As this is already middle of November 2011, it comes one of my favorite seasons, Christmas and Year End. Yeayyy!

So, let see, as most people do, they have a list of things, targets or achievements that they wanted to do during the year 2011. This usually being set up in beginning of the year, so this year end will be the time to evaluate and see what has happened until the last day. Was it on track, off track, off focus or even none achieved? Oh wow, very much interesting isn’t it?

I am one of those people, btw. So, in November 2011, 1 more month to go, time to speed up. Let’s open the list book again and see how far I have gone this year.

So, where are you currently? Have you achieved many things on the list or in fact the list shifted and none achieve? Well, whatever the result of the evaluation right now, keep working on it. Come on! You still have 1 more month to go..:) keep the spirit high!