Well, after a while not posting anything on this blog, I think I'll make my post quite simple today. I've been busy at work, several times working overtime and yeap still managed to have fun with all my friends though...:)

After office hours hangout and movies of course! Did manage to watch THE AVENGERS, which was quite entertaining. So, recently I just realized I haven't done one of my hobby lately, which is desserts hunting. Hahahaha...*always about food, is it?*

I am currently craving for a tasty Rainbow Cake, Peach Tea and madly craving for Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.....

Well, apart from my cravings, I wanna share that few weeks back, I had great short weekend getaway with my college friends, let just say to celebrate our 10 years of friendships. Ow....It was amazing to have them together all at once, felt like back on those styuding years. Hahaha..

I had also recently managed to spend mote time with my family and really enjoyed them very much, although what we did was not extraordinary at all. Quality time with family is just great and would love to have it more often. I have to thanked God for this opportunities.

So, what's next? I need to do something about my hair...thinking of adding more curls to it..hehehe..