One of The Happiest Day in 2010

On 11 December 2010, I had my birthday. I turned to 28 years old. Well, don’t worry, it’s perfectly fine for me to mention my age. I am happy being me anyway, nothing to be sad about of being 28-years single lady at all. This year, I managed to have an enjoyable celebration with some of my girl friends. I was really happy that day.
It wasn’t a very merry or such a very extravagant celebration. It was just a sweet and happy day. We decided to go to Bandung, one of our favorite city. Oh, before I forget, the “we” here is me, Christine Hawono, Natalia Komalasari and Vera Riesanti. We usually have a weekend getaway once a month, and since we didn’t managed to do so in November, then We went out of town on my day.

Let’s start the journey then, I’ll try to make it brief though.

On Friday night, they picked me up in my office. I had to ‘run away’ immediately from the office, before something came up in the last minutes. Hop in to the car and so off we go! Well..well…Jakarta is as usual, traffic jam everywhere! So that night, we were kind of struggling to pass the jam so that we could go to toll-road. Lucky, it was not that bad at all. We went from Jakarta around 7 pm and arrived in Bandung around 9 pm. Quite fast! Thank you, Dear God!  

So, first stop is definitely to have proper DINNER. We stopped to Nasi Kalong, in Jalan Riau. It was my first time, and the food was delicious. I like the Ayam Madu, plus they play jazz songs. I wished it wasn’t raining that night so we could stay a bit longer there. Belly was happy, next destination was to find a cozy café to sit and chit chatting. So, we decided to go to Cloud 9 in Dago Atas. Yet, when we arrived there it wasn’t much of called comfortable, since the music is absurd and hurting our ears, then we decided to move to another café nearby, The Valley, but it was closed already. So, we changed our direction and went to Ciumbuleuit, our lovely and memorable street, first stop should be Cabe Rawit, but, we didn’t see it and the parking lot was full, so we went to Gemboel, next to Jalan Menjangan. Gemboel is a warteg, they sell instant noodles, toasted bread ( I doubt they toast it, hehehe), orange juice, nasi kuning and others. This is another memorable place for the 3 of us (Cik Vera went to collage in Surabaya). We ordered Indomie, Es Jeruk (padahal baru klar makan malem ya! parah). It was quite busy night there, many students were still there. And what was amazing,I had the changing of day there, these girls sing Happy Birthday to me there. Kind of sweet!

We stayed in Novotel Bandung, and we were kind of disappointed since it felt not like a 4 star hotel. The accommodation and the service was so lame. Anyway, so, the next day, we went to Mie Rica, again, those girls, sang happy birthday to me there. Don’t u just love them. Next destination is PT Rasa for a delicious Coconut Royale ice cream. Apparently the place was quite near then, we directly ate those delicious ice cream. Yummy…Yummy…Oh yeah, these girls again sang the birthday song for me here. :)

Next Destination, Karmel. Yeap, to say my prayer for a wonderful life until this day. I love visiting this place and I can stay there for hours. What a peaceful place, which is rather hard to find in Jakarta. Then, we decided to go to La Oma to have our leisure time and lunch of course! (we are crazy! We just had noodle at 11am and at 1 pm we were about to have our lunch!! Goshhhh!!). We sat in one of the Gazebo, had a very good light chit chat and we postponed our lunch of course. Ono and I decided to have a massage. We had the massage in our gazebo. It was a very wonderful experience. I fell asleep while the lady massage me ^_^. Oh, these ladies bought me another cake and again, they sang the birthday song again. J We went home like around 5pm in the afternoon, it was one rare pleasure to have this moments with them. Actually it was quite windy and somehow, all of us fell asleep during the massage time. Feels like home I guess!

The day shall not end here, again, since none of us wanted to go for shopping, we choose to go to The Valley for dinner. Hehehehe…EATING AGAIN?? Yeap. We are ‘beautiful monsters”. Anyway, we didn’t have heavy dinner since our stomach was ready to blow up. Too much food will kill you!! We just had some soups and cocktails. And, Again, these ladies bought me another cake, err, 2 cakes!! The first time, the waitress brought a strawberry cheese cake, which is my fave cake, with a candle on it, these ladies again for the x-times, sang the song for me. I was surprised enough, then not long afterward, the waitress came again with another cake,Lemon pie cake, and yeah..they sang again the song for me. I was confused and more surprised. These ladies actually tried to make the entire guests sang the song together, but somehow those people were confused and instead of singing along, they only stare at us. THANK YOU FOR THE EFFORT GIRLS!! J and so, the day in Bandung ended beautifully.

I did enjoy my day, not really an extraordinary celebration, but I did enjoy spending a very sweet and memorable day with my inner circle, best friends, to have laughters and stories together. One sweet day to remember in my life.

I thank God for this beautiful day and His blessings.