The Wonder of Christmas

Hmmm….let me sing..”so this is Christmas…” , ow, I love Christmas because that means I am having my year end holiday. Hehehehe..yeap, since last year, I finally have the so-called-christmas and year end holiday. I have to thanked God for this privilege. Well, this year Christmas isn’t different from any other Christmas day of the previous years. Err, then again, I think it’s kind of different, since for the first time, I bought cookies for Christmas, and some of my friends gave me some cookies. Hehehehehehe…and the best is I get chocolate cake!! Yummy..super super amazing and really love it!!!

awfully chocolate

I went home for Christmas…and the first sentence my dad told me was “Hello, finally you remember to go home, eh?” ..geese, what a straight forward one. He must be missing me so much! I had my Xmas mass in the church nearby, which is located in my junior high school area. I met many of my teachers there, and usual the most famous question was asked repeatedly : “When will you get married?” Gosh! What’s up with getting married, huh? Anyway, I liked and enjoyed the mass that night. The wonder of Christmas to me was that my dad drove me to the church, which I think he had never done that before. Thank you, Lord!

…so…MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody….May the Joy, Love and Peace of Christmas be with you…..always…