Lots of Fun Week!

Last week was a fun week! It was pretty tiring, but lots of fun with my beloved friends.

Well, I spent almost every night with my best friends, and what was exciting too, I managed to meet one of my high school mate. We haven’t met for like almost 11 years! Awesome! A brief update of each other’s life and various topic as single ladies, and so on. I did manage to spend time to go home and had an easy weekend. I had a mass in St. Monica Church which is located in my former High School area. It's been years that I never managed to get back to that place. All of the sudden all the memories came up to my mind. It was fun! The week was closed by hunting the famous Nuri's Rib Steak in Kelapa Gading last night, but too bad, they ran out of stock.

Oh, I love my week…and I am more than thrilled to see and enjoy my May 2011. Hope you guys had fun week and also thrilling week ahead!

Lots of Love!