People come and go in our life. Some might go because they have to, some might go because they want to, some may go because they want to pursue something else, some may go because they need to…
For whatever reason they do it, there will always a ‘goodbye’. Goodbye is something we common say when we split to go home from the office, when we separated on the way back home, and many daily activities. For any reasons goodbye said, I always HATE it.

Yesterday, I had another goodbye to one of our team member in the office. I hate it. I didn’t even kiss or hug her. I dare not do it for the sake of myself and herself. I’m not good in saying goodbye. If you’re reading this, I’m truly sorry…For sure, I see you were trying to be tough that moment. ^_^ You survive!!!

I’m going to dedicate this writing for her :

Life’s been always a path we never know what lies ahead. That is the best of life! We don’t know. We rely on our feeling and mostly gut. Your choice brings you to your next destination. My choice to sit here instead of hanging out with my friends have its consequences. And your choice of reading my blog at the moment instead of doing your job brings another consequences too. Consequences may lead to bad or good. Depends on how you see it. Back to our main topic. Choice is the noun. Let see the verb : to choose. Simple word. To do it?? Not as simple as it may be said. Everybody has their dilemmas in choosing. You chose your words when you are talking, you chose your dress each morning, you chose your breakfast every morning, you chose your road, you chose to walk on which side, you chose where to have your lunch, you chose someone to talk to, you chose friends whom you want to hang out with, and so on.

Choosing is not easy. It takes your GUT. Why? Because you have to compromise with your heart to accept whatever consequences coming out of it, because you have to fight with your ego. To choose of not doing something for the sake of somebody else is so noble and so amazing. Especially when it is you who make the sacrifice and you make peace with yourself of it. Not putting your ego first is so amazing. Putting others above you has always deserved of HUGE COMPLIMENTS. It is not ME first, but You/They first. Imagine that! In other sentence is you sacrifice yourself sincerely. I would not be able to do that yet at the moment. I envy somebody who is able to do it. I know someone who is capable of doing it too. Many factors make you to choose. Some come from outside ourselves, some come from within. I believe, whatever come from outside, still the choice is always in our hand. Hence, I am amazed to my friends who are very brave to take a gigantic leap in their life. I know sometimes we do it because we have to do it and there are just no other options. Options are always there, but we might not be able to see it. Anyway, picking a choice apparently is not a personal matter at all, more to come with our surroundings. Some agree and support our choices, but of course there were always more of disagreements. They didn’t like our choice. They are truly against it. Instead of supporting, they are more trying to change our mind. They try to make us hesitate. They just don’t want you to do it. They say their reasons. They say why you shouldn’t do it. They point out the bad consequences. They told you for not doing it at all. They say if they can do it the other way around, why couldn’t you, They say why should you do differently since many can do it and survive, They say instead of picking it why not do this and that. They do many more. But, one thing for certain, at first hand, Do they ever since the first time ever try to listen and understand the reasons behind our choices????? Some may listen and understand. Mostly can not understand! ‘ I can not understand at all why is she picking that option’, that mostly what they say. OF COURSE!!!!!!!

I would be amazed to anybody who can say I understand at first. They weren’t standing in our shoes. How come they know and understand it? It’s just simply because they are not us! If they were us, I bet they would not make the same choice also. People are created differently, why bother becoming upset of others’ choices. It is ourselves whom we should think of. Instead of wasting your energy protesting their choices, why not spend sometime to think and talk to her about it, and try to see from her point of view. I’m sure we would at least understand the choices made, at least a little more.

Hhhhhhhhhh…Choosing might seems easy, but life the consequences is harder!

[special for you ~ I think you know who you are~ ]
I respect your choice, I support you in my pray, I hope you to the very best, I hope yet the best will come eventually, I’m gonna miss you so much. I’m gonna miss you teasing me around. I’m gonna be ‘autis’ lagi neh. Jia You! Thank you for the short but full of story moments. Love ya…