high school mate, keripik padang & romantic rain

Uhmmm..haven’t much time to type anything for the blog.
Anyway, Life’s been great so far. I would conclude it as so far so good…Many interesting events. I had fun week last weekend. It was birthday treat week! Oh, and I meet one of my high school mate, which I haven’t meet her for like almost 7 years. Luckily, she still recognized me. It was total fun! We met in PIM then do some shopping and lunch. Apparently she has the lame likes in window shopping, so we match!!!

Well, what to tell you? Last night I had this keripik Padang for late snack and ended up woke up at 5 am and rush to the toilet. Gosh! It was super hot! But, it was delicious! You should try it, but don’t try only eat that without any proper dinner before, it attacks your stomach directly! Trust me!

I like the weather these days. It’s either cloudy or Rain. I love rain so much…It the real rain, not R
ain the Korean artist. Does Cloudy day make you feel gloomy? Nope, it makes me smile. Rain even makes me happy. Rain is romantic. I’ve been telling some of my friends of this statement. Some agree, mostly not. It’s their opinion anyway. Well, although I love rain there is one exception condition of all, it's a total misery and totally annoying when it is raining in the morning, especially when it is my time to go to the office. It’s a freaking annoying rain!!! But, when I already in the office, I will love rain back..hahahahahahahahahaha..I hate rain in the morning and working day, because I simply don’t want to ruin or wet my office attire. That’s it! Oh, one more thing, that means I have to take a cab to the officw, which is more expensive than my daily transport expense…(hehehehehehehe…I’m Chinese so I have to calculate everything =PP)
Thanks to God, until this day, I have no problem with Rain….hopefully this will continue until the end of rainy season….