Singles out there.......

I don’t know how many people are singles these days. I don’t know how many people do not want to get married. I do not know how many men and women are searching their soul mate. I do not know much and the exact numbers of them. I know some people are being single by choice. Some happen to be single since they are quite picky. Some are being single because they were too late to realize that they have forgotten to look for their couple, and put their career on their top priority. Anyway, I don’ t know and don’t want to know. But for sure, I know some people surrounding me, who are in the searching. I guess this put me on the count.

I happen to be single by choice until last year. And by stupidity I would say. Okay, let’s not talked about me more. I think searching the right one is not as easy as it seems, especially when we have our un-negotiable demands or say criteria. I know we have to open our heart and try at first. But, Why wasting your time when you can not find what you’re looking for in the person? I don’t think I will answer this question. I don’t even know what the answer is. Everybody have their rights to be picky and choose the best amongst all. However, what I learnt from past experience, you should be choosy but not picky! I remember one of my colleague, told this sentence to me when I was in high school. He told me, that I was picky. Gosh, I smelled disappointment there…=)

Well, I don’t know, I don’t think I have the rights to tell anybody more. Life is funny sometime. There are people who are looking for their half. Meanwhile, there are people in whom already have their partner (apart from whether it is their soulmate or not!) but feels not satisfied and starts to flirt left and right. People! (this I guess include me as ‘people’ too). Some complains about their status, some tried very hard to widen their social life, some expect others to introduce them to new people, some singles help each other (right friend?!), some are busy with their ex-es, some are busy with their crazy thoughts, some are even don’t care and keep chasing their career. It’s their choice anyway. I do respect it. Anyway, I had this topic across my mind, since there are so many friends who were getting married lately. And of course, not to mention my mom, who is always bringing up this topic everytime I was at home. I know mum, I will get married, but first I have to find the one who’s going to surrender his life to be attached to me for the rest of his life (geese, imagine that!). I’m in searching now, I’m widening my social life now, I am asking every friends I have to introduce me, I am still doing my job in the office until late night..Phew, multi tasking is hard!! Hahahahaha…

Bottom line, I just want to say, Don’t give up in searching! One of my friend told me, it is not the quantity that matters, but what matters is in the end, you will find the correct one……………….

Happy Searching…^_^


leo said...

hmm.. another post about being singles issues..seems like everybody got a problem bout that huh pinks..? :p

may i offer u some simple guy perspectives?

well, personally i don't believe on the "true love" or "love at the first sight" concept..i don't believe in "ms.right one", cause they don't even existed at first.Instead i have faith on "ms. right now"..

cause to me, relationship is a job, where there are moments when you really like your job and some you don't..but still, it needs to be done, cause it really is a 24-hour demanding job :p

relationship needs to be worked, not searched.and when you have worked your ass out, and i mean really -really try to get to know her, not only relying on your self- premature assumptions you will find that she is your "ms. right one".. or not hihi :) still, you can always quit your job right? haha...:)

cause it is impossible to choose / try to find your true love when you don't even try..
but either ways, whatever the outcomes would be, still you will earned your bonus..and that is a more colorful life.

work it pinks..don't search.

Kristin said...

Good post.