Seize the day!

How often do you hear the sentence? Not so often is my answer. Anyhow, I am inspired by one of my friend's blog. I read and think that many people know the theory but not implementing it in daily life. I happen to be one of them too for certain aspects of my life. There are so many self-help books we can find in bookstore. I have many of them. Various topics. (you can borrow them, if you treat the book nicely =p). I read many theories. This and that. Here and there. You should do this, you should do that and so on and on. How many do I implement in my life? I would say less than half of them. And I can say for certain, bottom line all books talk the same core topic. For example, the latest famous book is The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. How many of you have it? I have one. Well, at least, although you don’t have it, I believe you ever heard or see it being displayed on bookstore. It teaches you about controlling your mind ( I haven’t finished reading them, the 1st 20s pages said so..). This, for sure, isn’t the first time I knew about this. I happen to know since a long time ago, that your mind and thought have MEGA POWER. Do you want to prove it??? Easy! ( I will give you tips if you want to try, but truly not recommended, unless you have know the strength of your mind).

Many comes and resulted from your thoughts. There is a saying : “You are what you eat”. What about “You are and will be what you thought” I can say, somebody will be somebody you thought, until you find out the fact that he’s not as what you think. That applies to the other things in this world too. How many of you chose to live the day in happiness each morning? I don’t think many people do this. I don’t have the time to think about it, they say. You don’t have the time to think how you will pass one single day, but you do have the time to think about the food you’re going to eat, the road to pass to the office, the appointments you were going to attend, the movies you were going to watch, the person you were going to call, the books you were going to read. How are those things be more important than HOW WOULD YOU LIVE THE DAY TODAY???

Think about this, every morning, when you open your eyes, you are blessed! God gave you more time to live in this temporary world. Have you ever really think how you are going to set your day today? Are you going to live the day given to you, full of happiness, or in sadness and misery. I prefer the first one. Happy. Being happy is much better than sad. You decide, how do you see this world and how do you see your day going to be.
Maybe you think, C’mon Christine, easy to say, but no prove! Well, I’m not going to judge or advice anything to you at all. It is your true and free choice. If you want to try and reflect it in your life, try one day, and do it again the next day. Maybe, YOU can tell me, how it feels. Bottom line, you have the rights to chose and how you would react to every events in this life…. It’s all yours and God’s.